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Last Update: 17 Oct 2023

Date: 17 Oct 2023

Particular Directions Under Section 46


In exercise of the powers conferred on him by section 46(1) of the Constitution and of all other enabling powers, and acting in accordance with the advice of the Chief Minister, the Governor has charged the Ministers specified in the Schedule hereto with responsibility for the business of the Government specified in relation to those Ministers .






Chief Minister:

The Hon Fabian Picardo KC 
  • The Economy and Financial Stability
  • Public Finance and the Treasury
  • International representation of Gibraltar and its people
  • International Treaties
  • Personal status including immigration, residence and adoption
  • Elections
  • The Civil Service and the public sector as a whole, including state-owned enterprises
  • The Government Companies
  • Customs
  • ITLD and Digital Services
  • Cyber-Security and Prevention of Online Harms
  • Social Security
  • Broadcasting
  • The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • Matters related to Armed Forces Veterans and relationship with the MOD
  • Chairman, Borders and Coastguard Agency
  • Chairman, Gibraltar Development Corporation
  • Constituency MP for Moorish Castle, Calpe and the Upper Town 
  • The administration of Government departments charged with the aforesaid, overall responsibility and supervision of Government departments and public administration.

Deputy Chief Minister:

The Hon Dr Joseph Garcia CMG 
  • Working in close partnership with the Chief Minister in his exercise of overall responsibility for and supervision of Government departments
  • External action, coordination of the external action of the Government of Gibraltar in particular:
    • the European Union
    • the United Nations
    • relations with the Commonwealth
    • international political lobbying
    • promotion of the right to self-determination
  • Work on any Future Partnership negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union
  • Work on implementation of a Treaty in the event that one is concluded
  • Work on planning for a No Negotiated Outcome to the Treaty negotiations, in the event that no treaty is concluded
  • Responsibility for Gibraltar representative offices abroad
  • Political, democratic and civic reform
  • Transparency, Open Government and Information
  • Lands and oversight of Government projects
  • Civil Aviation
  • Oversight of manifesto implementation
  • Constituency MP for the Lower Town
  • The administration of Government departments charged with the aforesaid.

Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry:

The Hon Nigel Feetham 
  • Financial Services
  • Gaming
  • Taxation including Coordination of International Exchange of Information
  • Postal Services
  • Data Protection
  • Chair, Gibtelecom
  • Justice, including:
    • The Anti-Corruption Authority
    • Sanctions
    • The Legal System
    • Probation Service
    • Tribunals
    • Community services scheme
    • Access to justice/legal aid and assistance
    • Law drafting
    • Policing
    • His Majesty’s Prison Service of Gibraltar
    • Safeguarding
  • Constituency MP for Glacis Estate, Laguna Estate, Ocean Village and Bayside
  • The administration of Government departments charged with the aforesaid. 

Minister for Health, Care and Business:

The Hon Gemma Arias Vasquez 
  • Gibraltar Health Authority
  • The Care Agency
  • Elderly Residential Services
  • Public Health Gibraltar
  • The Quality of Care (including the regulation of professionals and services)
  • Business
  • The Port
  • Maritime Services including ship and yacht registration
  • Office of Fair Trading
  • Town Planning
  • Procurement
  • Public Utilities
  • Chair, AquaGib
  • Chair, Gibraltar Electricity Authority
  • Constituency MP for the Westside Area
  • The administration of Government departments charged with the aforesaid.

Minister for Equality, Employment, Culture and Tourism:

The Hon Christian Santos 


  • Equality and minorities
  • Supported needs (including disability strategy)
  • Employment
  • Supported Employment
  • Youth
  • Training, Apprenticeships and Skills
  • Health and Safety
  • Culture
  • Tourism
  • Entry points into Gibraltar
  • Chair, inter-ministerial committee on the prevention of drugs misuse, including substance abuse and rehabilitation
  • The control of drugs misuse including substance abuse, rehabilitation and responsibility for Bruce’s Farm
  • Commercial Aviation including Gibraltar Air Terminal Ltd
  • Constituency MP for Varyl Begg Estate
  • The administration of Government departments charged with the aforesaid.

Minister for Education, the Environment and Climate Change:

The Hon Prof John Cortes MBE 
  • Education
  • The Quality of Life
  • Green Gibraltar
  • The Child-Friendly City
  • The Environment
  • Environmental Health
  • Climate change, conservation and sustainability
  • Heritage
  • Upper Rock
  • Marine resources
  • Maintenance, administration and operation of tourist sites and beaches
  • Pollution prevention and control
  • Urban Renewal
  • Refuse Collection and Disposal
  • Technical Services Department
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport and Urban Mobility including:
    • public service vehicles
    • public transport
    • traffic
    • parking
    • roads
    • licensing and vehicles
  • Implementation of the Sustainable Traffic and Transport Plan (STTP)
  • Developing relations with Morocco
  • Constituency MP for Alameda Estate and the South District
  • The administration of Government departments charged with the aforesaid.

Minister for Housing:

The Hon Pat Orfila 
  • Housing
  • Housing Works Agency
  • Development of affordable, co-ownership estates
  • Development of rental housing
  • The University of Gibraltar
  • Constituency MP for Bayview, Cumberland, Nelson’s View, Rosia Dale and Europa Point
  • The administration of Government departments charged with the aforesaid.

Minister for Inward Investment and the Savings Bank:

The Hon Sir Joe Bossano KCMG 
  • Economic development and inward investment
  • National Economic Plan
  • Telecommunications
  • Gibraltar Savings Bank
  • Gibraltar National Mint
  • Constituency MP with Special responsibility for Senior Citizens
  • The administration of Government departments charged with the aforesaid. 

Minister for Industrial Relations, Civil Contingencies and Sport:

The Hon Leslie Bruzon 
  • Sport
  • Leisure
  • Industrial Relations
  • Civil Contingencies
  • Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Services
  • Airport Fire and Rescue Services
  • Constituency MP for the Eastside and Catalan Bay
  • The administration of Government departments charged with the aforesaid.



Gibraltar Constitution Order 2006


02 Jan 2007


Notice Of Corrigendum


18 Oct 2023