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Last Update: 06 Nov 2023

Date: 06 Nov 2023

Bank and Public Holidays Order 2023


LN. 2023/293


In exercise of the powers conferred on it by section 2(3) of the Banking and Financial Dealings Act and by section 58 of the Interpretation and General Clauses Act, and of all other enabling powers, the Government has made the following Order–



1. This Order may be cited as the Bank and Public Holidays Order 2023.


Holidays for 2024.

2.  It is hereby declared that holidays set out in the Schedule shall be Bank and Public Holidays in the year 2024.



New Year’s Day Monday 1st January 2024
Winter Midterm Bank Holiday Monday 12th February 2024
Good Friday Friday 29th March 2024
Easter Monday Monday 1st April 2024
Workers’ Memorial Day Monday 29th April 2024
May Day  Wednesday 1st May 2024
Spring Bank Holiday  Monday 27th May 2024
King’s Birthday Monday 17th June 2024*
Late Summer Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2024
Gibraltar National Day Tuesday 10th September 2024
Christmas Day    Wednesday 25th December 2024
Boxing Day Thursday 26th December 2024

*Subject to change





Banking And Financial Dealings Act


06 Jul 1973