Date: 30 Sep 1992

 Consolidated text of legislation: 1992-11o.pdf

 Text of amendments already consolidated and available for download as separate documents: 2016=143.pdf   2013s198.pdf   2013=085.pdf   2012=199.pdf   2012=177.pdf   2011s167.pdf   2011=049.pdf   2011-16.pdf   2010=081.pdf   2010=005.pdf   2009-15.pdf   2007-21.pdf   2006=159.pdf   2006-33.pdf   2003=031.pdf   2002-22.pdf   1998-45.pdf   1998-09.pdf   1998-08.pdf   1998-07.pdf   1998-06.pdf   1998-04.pdf   1996-08.pdf   1995=056.pdf   1995=055.pdf   1994-01.pdf   1993=150.pdf   1993-15.pdf   1992=138.pdf  

 Repeals & Revocations:

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