Amendment: Gibraltar Heritage (Amendment to Schedule 1) Order 2014

 Date: 22 Dec 2014

 Text of amendment: 2014=263.pdf

 This legislation amends:  1989-12o.pdf

 Amendment: Gibraltar Heritage Trust Act 1989 (Amendment) Act 2001

 Date: 07 Jun 2001

 Text of amendment: 2001-17.pdf

 This legislation amends:  1989-12o.pdf

 Amendment: Gibraltar Heritage Trust (Amendment) Act, 1991

 Date: 01 Sep 1991

 Text of amendment: 1991-18.pdf

 This legislation amends:  1989-12o.pdf


 Date: 01 May 1989

 Text of amendment: 1989=042.pdf

 This legislation amends:  1989-12o.pdf

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